Fair and Fresh Upon the Lea

Author: Bard Adistair
Released In:

A sonnet by Bard Adistair for Layla Milloni

Morning comes fair and fresh upon the lea,
A sweet kiss of gentle airs and new delight,
Which wake in mists above the eastern sea,
To greet a proud sun in glory no less bright.

Yet in the golden flowers of the field,
One shines and sways perfect above all the rest,
To her yellow tresses they gladly yield,
Dewy grass by lithesome dancing foot is blest.

And for its part the lovely rose-hued morn,
Meets its match in the one who graces the hill,
In cloud it timidly withdraws from scorn
Of adoring blossom and clear-singing rill.

For this hour Layla walks upon the lea
That is first to greet the sun above the sea.

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