The Colorful Khajiit

Released In:
Author (in-game): Eutropia Laetonius

Khajiit culture is often known for its flamboyance. It seems that whatever the Khajiit choose to do, they do it with gusto. But if I told you that the flair of the silk draped streets of Senchal couldn’t hold a candle to a tiny village in the hills of Tenmar Forest, would you believe it? I do not exaggerate when I say that Black Heights is dripping with color, quite literally.

More than half the people of this town are devoted to the pursuit of art. Whether they be artists themselves or artisans who provide the highest quality supplies for the task. The pigments made in their so-called “Colorworks” are sought all over Tamriel for their vibrance in paint and dyes. These alone provide the town with enough wealth to allow such indulgence in the arts for so small a population.

The Khajiit of Black Heights have been refining their techniques for generations and their works are influenced by traditions carried on since the founding of the settlement. One of the oldest and most prominently displayed is a stone painting. Black Heights itself is nestled into the base of a mountain range and dotted with great stone boulders. Khajiit, particularly at a young age, are shown to paint with their paws upon the stones. Creating vast and colorful images out of hundreds of tiny paw prints. The greatest example of this is a fixture known as the Wall of Life, where every member of the village goes to add their leaves to the tree before they pass on. The scale of this bittersweet landmark left me speechless and it will do the same for you, if you hazard to venture out from the safety of Senchal and take in all the wonders Pellitine has to offer.

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