Chapter XII: The Graverobber of Imperial City

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Lastly, we come to Secundinus. This is patently not his real name; he was called this because he offered no name and was the second man accused of the crimes in question.

Secundinus was accused of nightly murders over the course of several months. His victims, days later, were often dug up and never seen again. No one knows what he did with the corpses. He was caught by Imperial City guards, in the act of digging up a recent victim. He was chased down and killed. On his body were several objects of an unknown magical or ritualistic nature.

Legends swirled that Secundinus was not truly dead. Within days of his alleged death, several of the guards who killed him went missing. One was found dead, apparently strangled. Several eyewitnesses that night reported a cloaked figure dragging a body down into the sewers. Searches turned up nothing.

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