Artifact Record: Duplici Gladio

Released In:
Author (in-game): Chief Archivist Bartholomew

According to rumor, this blade spent centuries trading hands in the Imperial City through many bloody intrigues and fatal duels. It was believed to have been taken from a Dark Elf warrior by the Imperial Legion during the Four-Score War before becoming something of a legend within the heart of the Empire. Though I do not know what names it may have had in the past, the sword acquired the name Duplici Gladio among the Imperials, both for its reputed powers and the endless string of betrayals that seemed to follow it. A skeptic would be forgiven for doubting this unassuming weapon’s fearsome reputation, but to the educated, the markings on the sword reveal its sinister origins and true owner: Boethiah, the Prince of Plots.

While not as eye catching as the better known Goldbrand, this subtle blade suits the Dark Warrior’s treacherous nature far better, but that is simply my opinion. The most notable quality of the Duplici Gladio is its ability to create a double of itself and its wielder that can act independently of the original. The advantages of such a power should be obvious, but only the foolish would trust a creation of Boethiah with blind devotion. These copies may simply obey the wielder as is convenient for the Prince, but never forget who they truly owe their fealty to.

This wicked artifact would have continued to plague Imperial city with death and betrayal for centuries to come had the Three Banners War not driven its most recent owner out of Cyrodiil and into our lands. Now it will stay sheathed in the bastion’s vault where it will claim no more victims.

Cataloged by Chief Archivist Bartholomew

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