Correct Ways of Slaying Ra-Netu

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

Though a Ra-Netu is an abomination in the sight of Tu’whacca, and an offense to the godly of all peoples, it is not therefore to be treated with disrespect. For a human body is a sacred chalice, whether it be filled with the divine liquor of a mortal soul, or the profane offal of an unholy essence.

To that end the Ash’abah are charged with banishing the unholy essence while doing all that is needful to preserve the sacred chalice. And so we smite the Ra-Netu with the Seventeen Strikes, while uttering the Plea for Forgiveness.

Correct Ways of Slaying Ra-Netu

Strike Twelve: The Comely Beheading

— To feint with a high cut toward the approaching Ra-Netu
— To step past the Ra-Netu on the opposite side while turning the blade
— To utter the Plea for Forgiveness
— To bring the forte of the blade down upon the Ra-Netu between the third and fourth bones of the neck, shearing through from behind
— To utter the Humble Apology
— To collect the severed head, lest it be misplaced in the affray, and set it near the body for later interment

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