To Do What is Needed

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Would you stand by while your village or town burned? Then why do you do nothing while Morrowind suffers? The Tribunal may be too busy to do the right thing, but we’re not. The Maulborn, a society of like-minded Dark Elves who want to help the poor and protect the weak, was formed to take care of the problems that are too mundane, too inconsequential, or too difficult to attract the attention of the Tribunal and its agents.

We have a plan for the Llodos plague ravaging our population. We have a plan for the plague husks terrorizing our towns. We have a plan, and that’s more than the Great Houses or the Tribunal can say. But we can’t accomplish our plans without your help. Join the Maulborn and become part of the solution. Our volunteers are already making a difference in such diverse locations as the Serk, the Obsidian Gorge, and the Narsis wilderness. We’d be happy to allow you to help us in our important work.

Who are the Maulborn? We’re your friends and neighbors. Your cousins. Your sons and daughters. We’re the gathering storm and the strong arm of judgment. We’re the cleansing wind that will soon blow across the entirety of Morrowind. We are healers and wizards, warriors and caregivers. We are the Maulborn, and we are you.

Come make a difference. Come join the Maulborn.

Our recruitment liaisons are anxious to meet you.

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