Ritual of Resonance

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The Soul Shriven shriek and writhe in Coldharbour. The Harvester of Souls digests them, makes them mutter and despair. They whisper their secrets to the dead winds of Oblivion, and those with ears attuned will know them and use them.

Gather the implements:

A steel needle, nightshade, frost salts
The crushed bone of a sacrifice
Splintered tooth of a daedroth

Inscribe the circle:

The names and the symbols. Sower of Strife. Lord of Brutality. Corner of the House of Troubles.

Create the tool:

Purify the needle over a fire of nightshade. Cool it in frost salts. Place upon it an enchantment of sharpness and one of weak shock.

Prepare the body:

Create a draught of bone and tooth and hold it in the mouth. Inscribe the names and symbols on the flesh of the palms.

Open the gate:

Place the needle in the left ear’s entrance. Insert so slowly as barely to move. Worldly sounds make way for the cries and secret dreams of the slaves in Coldharbour.

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