Serum Infusion Report

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Of the animals tested thus far, indriks have shown the most promising results. Their inherent magical abilities are enhanced to exceptional levels by the infusion process. If we focus our efforts on the indriks, we should be able to refine the process until we can produce a safer serum with wider applications. Despite these advances we have encountered a minor setback. Indriks from the wild have displayed dramatic behavioral shifts after treatment, becoming abnormally aggressive. This makes them both unmanageable and incredibly dangerous. All but our most recent specimen have had to be put down and it won’t be long before it will share the same fate.

My recommendation would be to see if a domesticated indrik poses the same risks. Lotus is far more tame than any indrik we would find in the wild and might handle the process better. Talomar will pose a problem with his unprofessional attachment to the creature. Separating the two without raising suspicion will be difficult, but if he is resistant to rearing new animals, some suitably hazardous duties can be arranged.

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