Fearless as the Sun

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nynelle Dumaris

By Nynelle Dumaris, Poet of Galen

Fearless as the sun dancing on the main
A glance bold and quick to take my measure
My love makes haste through the evening rain
To find me ashore and claim his treasure.

But another maid beckons to his heart
A tempting siren jealous of his choice
A thousand lovers she has torn apart
And to my love my rival lifts her voice.

She but calls to him and to her he goes
A seabird’s laugh, a bell, a captain’s call
Bewitched he leaves before the rooster crows
Her power is too great, and mine too small.

Yet I have learned that it is vain to weep
For what mortal woman can best the sea?

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