Wrothgar Instructions

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

The Orc denied our request to mine in his lands, but the operation will go forward as planned. You will take up the guise of a local gang of the Nightwatch bandits. It's our understanding that the Orc tolerates their presence as additional swords against the Reach, so there should be no trouble about you from Orsinium.

However, we have deemed it unwise to attempt to move any ore out of Wrothgar. Large shipments are likely to draw the Orc's attention. Instead, you will construct a forge and smithy nearby and put the silver you extract to immediate use. A coat of grey lacquer should be sufficient to disguise any weapons you make, and weapons move easily enough in and out of the Orc's lands.

Take care about interlopers, however. Remember that the Orcs are not far removed from the beasts we fight, and in many ways deficient of both reason and virtue. It is more likely than not that they will disapprove of our purpose, just as their self-styled king has, and with the increased aid the Orc has called for, the risk of interference also increases.

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