Stone Garden Dissection Notes

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

These bloodknights of Essenia's are an intriguing creation if rudimentary.

How much further can the trans-formative effects of vampirism be pushed?

Must catalog anatomical changes.

New iteration of stone husk easily decapitated a bloodknight. Beginning study of the brain.

Origin prior to transformation: unclear.

Head unresponsive to questioning.

Head unresponsive to probing.

Limited muscular reaction to shock.

Cartilaginous masses and bone deposits around skull.

Brain size: small. Underdeveloped? Degeneration?

Thick black membrane surrounds organ. Dwarven machine saw required.

Greatly increased blood vessel growth. Brain tissue subsumed.

Membrane constricts in response to gloomspore solution. Dulled Dwarf blades.

Great potential. Vitalizer fluid? Spur development?

Other components? Examine luminous russula.

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