Cooking Mastery, The Easy Way

Released In:
Author (in-game): The Malachite Chef

By The Malachite Chef
Cuisinier By Appointment to His Lordship, Chancellor Abnur Tharn

What is the secret to easy cooking mastery? It can be summed up in one word: Recipes! When you have a recipe for a dish—especially if it comes from the Malachite Chef!—it takes all the guesswork out of preparing a meal. So beg, borrow, or steal (I jest, I jest) some recipes, acquire the necessary ingredients, and combine as directed over a hot cook-fire. You’ll be a master provisioner in no time!

Because I’ll let you in on a little professional secret: nineteen out of twenty times, even top-ranked chefs do exactly the same thing! Oh, we may add a special spice here or there to personalize a recipe, but we know better than to ignore them entirely. A proven recipe represents the collective experience of generations of cooks. Whether you’re making something as simple as a Cyrodilic sweet roll or as complicated as a screaming-cheese fondue, in the kitchen a recipe is your best friend!

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