Tribunal – Living Lies

Author: "Disordinator"
Released In:

By "Disordinator"

Have you ever noticed how you never see Vivec and Almalexia in the same place? Or how the water the Temple priests serve smells just a little … off? I have. And I've been on the run trying to spread the word about what I know ever since. The Temple doesn't like me, and there's a damn good reason why. The Tribunal are going to eat our souls.

They aren't the benevolent guardians the Temple wants us to think they are. I've read all the texts, the 36 Lessons, seen the patterns in the numbers. They aren't three loving gods. They are one giant monster from beyond the Void, and they're going to harvest souls for their true master. Think about it! The alliance with the Nords and Argonians, of all people? A war to conquer Cyrodiil? And we know that leads to trying to conquer all of Tamriel; the idea of a "war to protect our homeland" is ludicrous. It all adds up, just a means to gather more and more souls for the big day. Open your eyes!

It's everywhere. All around us. Every day they are getting into your head. Think that guard is looking at you? He is. Ever had a bee fly too close to your ear? That's their work, too. It's the pollen—magical. Lets them hear your thoughts. Lets them find people like me who are trying to get the truth out there! The evening chants you can hear across the city? Mind control spells. Keeps the people quiet.

All I can say is I'm not drinking any of the well-water in Mournhold anymore. Don't take it from me. Think for yourself. The signs are everywhere, and know that you know how to look, you won't be able to ignore what's right in front of your nose.

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