On the Infinite Panopticon

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

a place that exists inside a pocket realm of Apocrypha, the Infinite Panopticon serves as one of Hermaeus Mora’s most secure repositories of secret knowledge. In addition to being hidden in a shifted dimension, the entrance to the Panopticon constantly moves. It never appears in the same location twice. Other defenses are rumored to protect the Panopticon, including shifting chambers and corridors, an army of the Hushed, and other guardians too powerful and obscure to describe accurately.

What secret knowledge demands such precautions, you may ask. Only knowledge that the Great Eye considers too dangerous or too revealing to be trusted into anyone’s care except his own.

Legend claims that these secrets are stored in books and scrolls, in glyphics of specific design, or within fragments of Mora’s own memory contained within his own free-floating eyes. It is said that spending too long within the Panopticon will drive the mortal mind insane.

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