Glimmertarn: A Stonelore Community

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Author (in-game): Manon Rolaine

The Stonelore Druids were quite welcoming when I asked to walk around their largest settlement on Galen, Glimmertarn. There aren’t many non-druids roaming around this place, and I wouldn’t suggest many try even after reading this account. While beautiful beyond words, it is still their home, not a resort for those who hope to experience the druid life.

I like to think of Glimmertarn as a beautiful slice of landscape. If you view it from far enough away, there are two distinct colors that make up this idyllic village. I’ll start from the bottom, where the rich blue of swirling streams cut through the hillsides. The water moves at the command of the powerful falls that seem to rise into the very clouds. The second layer as the eye moves up the scenery is full of lush greens. Glimmertarn couldn’t be a druid village without honoring the beauty of nature. Bright foliage, vibrant plants, and sparkling shocks of emerald roots cover most of Glimmertarn’s main areas. Trees stand like guardians around main of the places where the druids gather and come together, as if the trees are the druids of old, forever rooted in memory there.

Besides being nestled in the rich wilderness of Galen, Glimmertarn boasts several stone structures. They’re weathered by time and truly a sight to behold. Winding staircases, smoothed tunnels in the faces of cliffs, ever flowing waterfalls and craggy bluffs—Glimmertarn’s constructions spread like a hand as they weave into the natural landscape.

I learned that there is a hierarchy of sorts in Glimmertarn. Such a word means something very different to those of us who are not accustomed to how druids do things. It is not about how much wealth one has, or who they were born to—titles among the druids are earned. Aspirants are novice druids, fresh, often younger druids (but not always). They are the most inexperienced. Next up the ranks is initiates, which are druids who are slightly more experienced, but they have not passed their final druid tests yet. I got the opportunity to view a few of these sacred tests during my stay at Glimmertarn—not up close, mind you, only ever from afar. They were beautiful, no matter what test was being performed. After the initiates pass their tests, they are officially druids, which accounts for most of the population at Glimmertarn. And, of course, the Archdruids—master druids who usually lead communities.

I assume the settlements of the other druid circles use similar titles and can boast of similar beauties. But I can only describe what I have seen with my own eyes. Glimmertarn is a place brimming with culture, loveliness, and history. I wish I could better describe it for you, dear reader. Just know that if you have lived in cities or towns for most of your life, I hope my descriptions provide a breath of fresh air.

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