Emeric’s Judgment

Released In:
Author (in-game): High King Emeric

(A facsimile of the proclamation issued by High King Emeric after the conclusion of Ranser’s War, the formation of the Greater Daggerfall Covenant, and his own elevation to High King of High Rock and the alliance.)

Proclaimed this day in 2E 567, by the newly elevated High King of the Greater Daggerfall Covenant, the following summary judgment falls upon House Mornard for their betrayal and participation in an act of war and sedition against Wayrest and its neighbors in what has come to be known as Ranser’s War.

For siding with Ranser of Shornhelm and sending knights and arms to aid his treacherous cause, Avrippe Mornard is immediately and irrevocably stripped of his rank as duke and steward of the Systres Duchy. House Mornard will retain its holdings, but stewardship of the archipelago will pass to House Dufort, and the leader of House Mornard will forevermore bear the lesser rank of count.

Know that High King Emeric shows generosity and mercy in this judgment, but if House Mornard ever again betrays its oaths and duties, he shall have its name and holdings utterly wiped from the face of Nirn.

Furthermore, House Dufort and its leader, Donoven Dufort, will from this day forth hold the rank of duke and be granted sovereignship of the isle-duchy of the Systres Archipelago.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

High King Emeric, excelsior!

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