Message of Welcome

Author: Archdruid Wyn
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Druids of all circles, my name is Archdruid Wyn. It is my great honor to leave this message in the event that you arrive without a druid of the enclave here to officially extend our welcome. Thank you for joining us in the Earthen Root Enclave. We hope your stay allows you to take the time you need to commune with nature.

We have the distinct privilege of housing three magnificent spirits: the Spirits of Stone, Root, and Air. Through connecting with them and meditating by their sides, these spirits will grant you the ability to experience the natural realm as they do. Each of the spirit's daises was crafted with the spirit's comfort in mind, creating an atmosphere of calm to align your mind to theirs. Of course, you are free to visit the spirits as you see fit, but we recommend the order listed here.

At the Dais of Stonesight, the Spirit of Stone sits in patient contemplation. Through its eyes, you will see as far as the Earth Bones which rest beneath the ground you sit on. Time spent with the Spirit of Stone is time cherished as each moment is slowly marked and held dearly instead of flitting away.

The Dais of Rootspeak is filled with the rootsong of plants. Each harmony and chord rises and falls with the Spirit of Root's movements. Communing with the Spirit of Root reminds us that even in the most desolate locations, we are not alone, for the voices of all living things surround us.

Finally, the Dais of Skytremor is the most remote and daunting of the daises. It rests high above the cliffside at the opposite end of our island. Druids who journey to see the spirit should be prepared to spend a long time at the Dais of Skytremor. The spirit often struggles to focus on the corporeal world when the wind rushes around it, bringing news from all across Nirn to its ears. The Spirit of Air grants knowledge of all that's been said, a gift to some and a burden to others. The Spirit of Air cannot lie. It exists as a being of near brutal honesty. Any not prepared to face all they have said in their own life are advised to forego this experience. Still, the spirit teaches us the truth about ourselves, though its real lesson is the value that we put into each moment of our lives.

Regardless of which dais you visit and which spirit you commune with, we hope that your stay at the Earthen Root Enclave grants you the clarity that you seek. Do not be afraid to ask any of the druids who make this enclave their home any questions you may have. And, once again, welcome. We hope your stay is pleasant.

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