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Epode of the Ansei Wards

Weltan of Sentinel

When Ra Gada came from Old Yokuda
In Hammerfell were found
Men of aspect tusked and fearsome, that we
Hunted to the ground
Others there were also, Elven, secret
Raising sacred dead
Necromancers lurked in desert towers
To Hammerfell they'd fled
Desert hid them no more from the righteous
Since the Redguards hie
Back they fought with evil magics, heinous
Dead once more to die
Stricken were Ra Gada in their god-faith
Banned from striking kin
Dead, awakened by the wicked wizards
Smote us from within
Anseis three then furnished all an answer
'Gainst the risen dead
Maja, Radan, and Halelah spake of
Wards to curb the dread
Mighty swords they forged from their own shehai
The people to defend
Guarding Redguards' consecrated bodies
From unholy end
To Tu'whacca sacrificed the Anseis
Essence of their minds
Gave their animus to seal the treaty
That protects and binds