Wanted: Nimriian the Longfang

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Let all who read of this notice be advised: the Lunar Clergy have set a bounty upon the head of the woman known as “Nimriian” or “the Longfang.” This blackhearted cult mistress has been culling the impressionable youth of the back country for the last year, and is now believed to be operating her cult and bandit gang in Reaper’s March.

The cult follows the teachings of Hircine, and are known lycanthropes, or werewolves. They view Hircine’s Curse as a blessing, and are attempting to spread it among the people of the March.

If you seek her to claim the bounty, look to the Weeping Wind caves east of Willowgrove. The people of that village have been warned to stay indoors at night. And, reader, you too should beware.

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