On Moving Ebonheart

Released In:
Author (in-game): Archcanon Tarvus

Members of the Tribunal Priesthood and House Hlaalu Engineers,

During a recent visit to the mainland, Lord Vivec became enthralled with the quaint and picturesque city of Ebonheart, in Stonefalls, on the northern coast of Morrowind. He spent an inordinate amount of time within the confines of the city, wandering the streets and carefully examining all of the buildings and houses located therein. Truth be told, the visit put us behind schedule and made me extremely anxious about upholding the rest of our commitments before we had to return to Vvardenfell.

After remaining quietly at the Warrior-Poet’s side as he tenacious studied every cobblestone and patch of thatch, filling his notebook with every notion and observation, the Living God finally turned to me. “Archcanon,” Lord Vivec said, “I am fascinated by this place. We must have one in Vvardenfell!”

“We must, my lord?” I asked, trying to ascertain where the Living God was going with this line of reasoning.

“I think that spot to the south of my city,” Lord Vivec continued. “Yes, that will be the perfect place to build my new Ebonheart!”

“Build, my lord?” I asked, still somewhat unsure what was being asked of me.

“Build, move, whatever you think is best,” Lord Vivec said. “Have the canons and Hlaalu’s engineers begin drawing up plans immediately. I can’t wait to begin a new project!”

So, there you have it. From the lips of Our Lord to your ears, through the medium of this letter. I look forward to reviewing your ideas in, let us say, three month’s time?

In Lord Vivec’s name,
Archcanon Tarvus

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