Dozzen Talharpa

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

A crude version of a lyre, its provenance tells of twin Breton brothers, Dozzen and Jibhan. Ever competitive, they were still very close. Their legacy was of a musical competition in their town’s square using talharpas. They drew such a crowd with their raucous, high-tempo interplay, that people started dancing and cheering. Locals remember it as the greatest concert they ever heard. Afterward, Jibhan challenged Dozzen to a race home. When a hillside trail narrowed, Jibhan got the better of Dozzen. Nearly home, Jibhan had victory in his sight, but looked back before the finish to see Dozzen was not behind him.

Dozzen had fallen down the hill, dashed against boulders. He was bleeding profusely. Pallid and breathing shallow, Dozzen said all he could remember was their triumphant musical competition.The townsfolk had declared no winner, but were inspired by the interwoven song. Knowing his end was near, he bade Jibhan vow to use his sinew to craft a new talharpa and use it to inspire the people to dance. Jibhan did so, crafting this very instrument with his brother’s sinew, but could not bring himself to play it with joy, so he donated it to the Bards College.

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