The Largesse of the Archmagister

Released In:

Attend, adepts. You have no doubt caught wind of the rumors about the re-discovered library from out of antiquity. They are true! While as yet this schemata is not ready for wholesale analysis by every member of the guild, Archmagister Vanus Galerion does wish to ensure those curious about this metamagical theoryset have ample time to examine primary source materials.

|c0d5820Ample time borrowed from my time, it took quite forever to procure enough texts for analysis.|r

To that end a series of nine Scripts are being made available, fully free of charge, at Mages Guilds across Tamriel. These Scripts were meticulously hand-copied and examined by Archmagister Vanus Galerion himself and are in some cases judged to be better reference materials than the originals!

|c0d5820Of all the nerve! I, Firandil, did the work to create these copies. I shall lodge a complaint!.|r

You can find these gifts from the Archmagister in the following guild halls:
– Vulkhel Guard
– Davon’s Watch
– Daggerfall
– Wayrest
– Elden Root
– Mournhold
– Riften
– Evermore
– Rawl’kha

Go carefully as you explore this new and exciting mystical technique, but do so with enthusiasm! And the compliments of Mages Guild leadership.

|c0d5820Compliments my eye! The nerve.|r

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