Specimen Enhancement Log Four

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

New gloomspore extract highly potent—separation by rapid rotation on Dwarven mill produced highest purity to date. Ten times more potent than vice extraction alone. One hundred times more potent than powdering. My genius knows no bounds!

* * *

Unexpected results—specimens administered the latest formula only grew a fraction largest than the previous iteration.

Theory: elements removed during separation correlate to growth.

Further analysis proved results belied by their growth. Strength, stamina, recovery all increased. More than doubled.

Stress tests revealed unusual side effect: combustion. Specimens consistently ignite when physically taxed to their limits. Specimens appear unbothered by this before they eventually expire from exhaustion or immolation after a surprisingly long duration.

* * *

Note to self: more fire proofing. Non-flammable gas sprayers? Fire-resistant uniforms? Too costly self-sealing doors and air siphon!

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