Rescue Me

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

(A haunting melody)

Far from our shores in a becalmed sea
Lost are we
We ration grog though unwillingly
Until Kynareth sets us free

No smiles are left as we drift alone
Far from home
Into the unknown
Our navigator’s mind has flown
Cursed by the visions he’s shown

The skies glow red, mold’s on our bread
Despair dogs every mind
We’re tangled in fate, is it far too late
To flee this desperate bind?

With little left to guide our way
We all pray
Far astray
Hope remains that we’ll find our bay
And be home in time for feast day

The skies show red, our captain’s dead
Despair locks every mind
We’re lost to fate, it’s far too late
To flee this desperate bind

[Haunting, echoes]

Forgive me, Kynareth, hear my plea
Set me free
From this sea
I’m all that’s left of this journey
May someone rescue me
May someone rescue me
Please Kynareth rescue me

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