Netherroot Notes

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Netherroot, an amazing plant. It only grows in isolated patches down here in the depths of Blackreach, but its alchemical properties are remarkably useful. I applaud the Icereach Coven witches for finding it and applying it to my recipe, but the brew they have developed is unrefined. The Ashen Lord's plans will take a thousand more years to complete if we continue with this less-than-perfect concoction. I must study this abyssal root further to find a means to increase the power of the harrowstorms.

* * *
Mimicking the techniques of the under-Elves provided a foundation, and their pipework farms produced greater yields, but not greater potency. I will create a more powerful reagent. I just need more time. And more test subjects.

* * *
With each day and each new version of the netherroot brew, the results increase a hundredfold. The brew already provides a stronger catalyst for the harrowstorms, ensuring a more complete exchange of energy. Soon, my refined netherroot brew will be ready, and the Ashen Lord's faith in me will be rewarded.

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