Void Portals

Author: Pentarch Cievernes
Released In:

The others have long gone, in search of the Arkthzand Keystone. Lady Belain and the Ashen Lord need it to access the library. I need to learn more about this energy, though. The silent emptiness of these ruins is a perfect environment to conduct my research. No one to disturb me but mindless constructs and these strange, twisted shades, flitting between pockets of energy in the blink of an eye. Lady Belain seems to be able to use these void portals. Surely, I can discover the secret for myself.

* * *
Despite Lady Belain's guarded secrecy concerning the dark relic, I have made a breakthrough. Upon examining the concentrated energy in the ruins, I discovered small pieces of a shardlike material that seems to originate inside the darkness.

Each shard had a heaviness to it, almost as if a force was pulling outside objects into itself. If I concentrate, I can feel the same pull in the surrounding energy pockets. Each shard seeks to return to the energy it surely emerged from. I wonder what will happen if I approach one of the energy pockets with it?

* * *
Another discovery! I approached an energy pocket with a shard and the secret became apparent. As I got closer, the pull became stronger. Suddenly I felt what can only be described as a slipping. As if I tripped and fell, not down, but sideways. Looking around, I realized I was somewhere new. I had been pulled with the shard through the energy to this new location.

Harnessing the energy has opened the long sealed doors of this ruin to me. Perhaps we will not need the Arkthzand Keystone to enter the library, after all. At least not to get inside the structure. Knowing Lady Belain, the keystone has another function that she has yet to share with the Ashen Lord.

Pentarch Cievernes

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