The Swallowed City

Released In:
Author (in-game): Beredalmo the Signifier (Translator)

A Partial Translation by Beredalmo the Signifier

It will be remembered as the day of blue fire. The day of death. It came suddenly, but really, it had been coming a long time.

We had been foolhardy. We had heard of other cities that were swallowed up, but we thought we would be spared. We thought the sacrifices at the Moonhenge were no longer necessary, that we could subsist alone, without our Prince.

We believed in the myth of our own self-sufficiency, and mistook what was true for a myth.

But what we forgot, our Prince remembered. The flames came suddenly, and choked our lungs with ash.

Our city was swallowed by Coldharbour. We were no more.

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