On Argonians

Released In:
Author (in-game): Cirantille

In studying the various races of Tamriel, I have found a few strange aberrations. Among the human-shaped, the Argonians may be the most fascinating. They are cold-blooded, in both the physiological and psychological sense, and yet they somehow manage to operate in all climes with the same resilience as mammals. Their preference for sub-tropical and tropical climates notwithstanding, to see an Argonian moving through sub-arctic or arctic regions with the same facility as their mammalian rivals is simply astounding.

While most other Altmeri scholars simply choose to ignore this oddity, I chose to delve into it, and I believe I’ve discovered its cause. The Argonians maintain their they are connected to a mystical force known as “the Hist.” As religious beliefs go, it is not terribly complicated, but I believe it has a physical manifestation as well.

The Hist supposedly emanates from all nature in Tamriel but is particularly strong in “Hist trees”—large, usually ancient, growths found at the center of every sizeable Argonian settlement. These Hist trees contain, the Argonians believe, the collective memories and knowledge of all Argonians.

Whether this is true or not, the sap that flows from a Hist tree contains concentrated magicka. I believe that it is this Hist Sap that gives the Argonians the ability to defy the logical limits of their own physiology and also empowers their shamans or “tree-minders.” If we can tap the energy contained within a Hist tree, who knows what we, a race used to manipulating magic, may achieve?

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