The Hungry Cat’s Curse

Author: Vykosa the Ascendant
Released In:


Vykosa the Ascendant Vykosa loved the hunt. The adrenaline which flowed through her as she tracked her prey. Her thundering heartbeat as she stared the beast down. The hitch in her breath as her arrow pierced the creature's heart. There was no greater satisfaction.

She was mortal then, with pure heart and clear conscious. Young. So young when the Hungry Cat made his offer. When he reached out his hand, promising her glory. Promising her power.

And Vykosa was foolish enough to follow him. Revere him. Worship him. And for that she was cursed.

She became the hunted. The frightened. Always running, always hiding. Hircine did not turn Vykosa into his wolf, oh no. He turned her into a Hare. An eternal Hare for an endless hunt.

But now she has ascended. No longer shall this one cower in fear. She has built a pack, larger and stronger than any before. An army stands before her, ready to fight back against those who hate us. Ready to take the land for us cursed creatures.

Do you watch Vykosa, Hungry Cat? Do you laugh at her struggles, at her pain? You shall not laugh for much longer. For when Tamriel is within her grasp, you are next.

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