The Values of Haj Uxith

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

We, the scholars of Haj Uxith, value these spiritual attributes above all others: courage, endurance, preservation. While these values hold a special place in the hearts of all our people, it is the scholars who truly understand how these attributes help our society not only to survive but to thrive in these strange lands.

Courage allows us to deal with those who may not always agree with our point of view and to face the unknown. This dark land constantly presents strange challenges and new obstacles, but we must not cower before these. We must meet them head on and deal with them as bravely and as boldly as we can.

Endurance allows us to withstand the hardships and difficulties of this harsh, barren land. It takes patience and skill and a natural hardiness to overcome the constant challenges of this punishing realm. We must bear the brunt of these difficulties and withstand every unexpected storm if we hope to survive.

Preservation allows us to remember our past and maintain the civilization that our Hist tree has sacrificed so much to safeguard. We look to the words and deeds of our ancestors to be our guides, and we protect the stories and lessons of the past so that they can continue to teach us and remind us of who and what we are.

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