Halinjirr’s Notes

Author: Halinjirr
Released In:

First Seed, 15

Halinjirr found a fertile place! It was happenstance. This one just needed a place to rest his weary heels and eat a sugary meal, but as soon as I arrived, I smelled something fresh and loamy. Soil! Real soil—not the sour, fungusy rock I see everywhere else. Halinjirr will do a thorough survey. This might be the place!

First Seed, 17

Moons be praised! Zainsipilu is perfect! Well, perhaps not "perfect." There are many giant bugs that try to poke Halinjirr's belly with their pointy noses. But, it is like this one's mother always said: there is no sugar without challenge. Halinjirr will travel to Seyda Neen. I am sure to find someone who can help.

First Seed, 20

Another boon for Halinjirr! I met a Dark Elf in town who can help me with my nix-hound problem. She is sour and has no experience in agriculture, but this one has a good feeling about her.

Rain's Hand, 2

The nixes are tamed and the crop is planted. All that remains is the waiting. This one hates waiting. Hopefully my little darlings will grow quickly. Halinjirr's sugar pouch grows lighter by the day. If all goes as planned though, this one's sugar pouch will fill to bursting!

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