Notes on the Dreugh

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Sorry if these notes are a little disorganized, professor. I didn’t want to trim anything out that you might find useful.

— Two distinct species: land dreugh and water dreugh.
— Both were once common throughout Vvardenfell, Ebonheart, and the surrounding waters. They’ve been driven out over the last few centuries and only exist now in isolated pockets.
— Some accounts assert there are two varieties of land dreugh, while others maintain these are but the male and female versions of one kind of creature.
— Legends tell of “civilized” land dreugh colonies which supposedly raised herds of mudcrabs as food stock.
— These colonies were also purported to have built stone cairn houses and structures.
— No evidence of such advanced dreugh behavior exists today.
— Dreugh are omnivores and have been witnessed consuming mer flesh.
— Dreugh are capable of channeling some form of shock energy through their bodies. Most scholars agree this is a natural adaptation and not magical in nature.
— The land dreugh carapace is naturally sturdy and can deflect most attacks from common weapons.
— No known language or communication abilities.
— Nesting habits are not well-documented, but we do know the land dreugh encase their egg broods in mud. Nothing is known about water dreugh nesting or egg-laying behavior.
— Some fisherfolk are known to gather land dreugh eggs from the creatures’ mud-nests, though it is obviously a rather dangerous occupation.

If this is enough information, I’ll begin the netch research tomorrow.

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