Pact of the Daggerfall Devil

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

In the third hour of the seventh day,

Of the last month in the year of mortal reckoning 2E 455,

Does the Abyssal Cephiliarch, the Gardener of Men, knowing and willfully form a pact with the mortal known as the Daggerfall Devil.

Knowing the Daggerfall Devil has claimed the lives of dozens of innocents and is due to be executed in the city of Daggerfall for his crimes, Hermaeus Mora offers him sanctuary. In return, the Daggerfall Devil will commit his mind to the Chorus and his body to the Rectory Corporea for an interval of five hundred mortal years.

Should he accept, The Daggerfall Devil will be swiftly spared from execution and placed beyond the grasp of his pursuers.

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