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Riekr of Wrothgar: Observations


Day 1

Upon applying Master Sterone's Goblin-stench formula, the Riekr seem to have accepted me into their number. They are very social creatures, with each Riekr expected to do his part.

I have been assigned the task of smashing rocks with a hammer. I have yet to determine the purpose of this task, but that does not seem to trouble the other rock-breakers, who have taken to the task with gleeful cackling.

Day 2

More rock-breaking. I fear I have pulled some kind of muscle in my forearm.

Day 3

Further observations of Riekr social structure reveal a strange attitude toward magic-users. Being creatures of limited intelligence, they lack the kind of formal training in magic use that one sees in other parts of Tamriel. They make up for this through an innate connection to the magic of the world, so to speak.

When a Riekr demonstrates this connection, that one is immediately shunned by his brothers, with the throwing of stones (this is apparently what the rock-breaking was for.) The exiled mage must then go into the wild. After a period of exile, he buys his way back into the clan with the offering of food—a bear or a freshly-killed echaterre or a deer.

After that, the mage is elevated as a food-bringer, one of the revered members of the clan, and so the others are all in command of the mages.

Day 5

The mages have gathered in a council and the signal has been given for a migration. It seems a new food source has been located.

Day 6

We have arrived in a cavern that is filled with food crates. It is clear this was some encampment, though I have yet to see the owner.

Day 7

One of the Riekr found a book among the crates. He asked me what it was. It appeared to be a book of recipes. I told him as much, and he eagerly took a bite out of it.

"Recipes no taste good," he said and spit the book out.

Day 8

My rock-breaking has not kept pace with my fellow Riekr, and I'm afraid the others are starting to eye me suspiciously. The Riekr do not take kindly to those who do not pull their weight. I should probably leave soon, before I am found out.