The Many Threads

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

I see sly Amaffi, pretends as a priest
Black is his heart, no Height he will reach.

The water is sweet so Oranu will say
Under the Moon, she will safely stay.

Look for Magpie, a thief on her guard
South to find her death, I hope it was hard.

Bufasa, always boisterous and loud
Home he will go, swaggering and proud.

Doom is the fate of the beautiful Seleiz
A heart of stone, quiet now ‘neath the trees.

Happy Hiijar I will always remember
Though his bright cheerful light is only an ember.

Old Grastia is now silent, alone on a hill
No wind to disturb her, no grist for the mill.

Dancer always looks for a thrill,
hides with thieves, for good or for ill.

Farro found a lonesome sentinel, silent and tall
A view extraordinary, but that is not all.

Kesta, so secretive, but always a spy
She watches over a tower, from afar and on high.

Jarro surprised me, returned to the city
Cold in the scaffolds, I give him no pity.

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