Wailimo’s Personal Account

Released In:
Author (in-game): Wailimo the Mystic

I knew this was going to happen. Why the Welkynars ever thought to bring that Sea Sload to our city, I’ll never know. And now Cloudrest is in ruins and I’m lucky to be alive.

It all started with a dark mist pouring down from the Aerie, like a cauldron bubbling over. A hush fell over the marketplace. We weren’t sure what was going on, truth be told. But we all knew it wasn’t good.

That’s when we started to hear the screaming from within the mist. Everyone started to rush out of the city’s gates, fast as they could. I’ve never seen a more panicked crowd in my life. Everyone screaming, running, trying to escape.

But the mist was faster than our steps, and soon we were enveloped by it. It felt like a cold fog against my skin. Suddenly, my knees buckled. All my strength left me at once. I could feel my heartbeats beginning to slow. My whole being felt heavy. Never before had I felt such extreme exhaustion.

I knew I was going to die. Soon, my heartbeat would entirely stop. As I laid there, all I could think was … how many will die with me?

It was then that I was grasped within two mighty talons. Welkynar Olorime had come to save me, quickly placing me in the upper reaches of the city. I barely remember my rescue, albeit the feeling of my torso being tightly squeezed, the wind against my skin.

I don’t know what manner of power that Sea Sload has, nor do I want to. But it nearly took my life. Just as it has already taken the lives of so many others.

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