The Imperfect Logistics Log

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Current Combat Success Rate – 66%

Combat analysis:

Opponents Deceased: 126

Opponents Forfeit: 58

Opponents Successful: 93

Imperfect Structural Analysis (Log 17901): Compiled by AIOS

Opponent success rate increased by 3% over period of analysis. Recommend increasing defensive capabilities of Kinetic Shield function to maintain structural integrity throughout battle sequence. Caution in overloading security coils through excessive power surges. Further analysis needed.

Reduction in power to the Energy Arc function applied to decrease the risk of structural damage to the Sanctuary of Verification. Recommend ancillary services be maintained between battle sequences. Current debris levels deemed acceptable for combat.

Opponent classification: Nord, Khajiit, Bosmer found to be consistently unpredictable in battle behavior. Current theories in statistical commonalities not yet available. Recommend further analysis on cultural irregularities and battle tactics within these opponent subclasses. Clockwork Facilitator task acceptance rate decreased by 23%. Root cause primarily psychological. Recommend the elimination of the words “slaughter,” “decapitation,” and “likely death.” Emphasis to be placed on reward and need for combat allies.

Completion rate of Imperfect prototype: unknown.

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