A Lissome Sprite

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nynelle Dumaris

By Nynelle Dumaris, Poet of Galen

The lilting laughter of a lissome sprite
Goes meandering through the watchful trees
To kiss stone and brook in secret delight
A loving caress that no other sees.

Across fair green hills where the Telling Stone
Remembers holy druid dreams of yore
Unseen this playful sprite flits to the throne
Of Ivyhame, then lingers by the shore.

The laughter of this playful sprite calls me
Drawn from the day’s cares I do not resist
I cast aside my chores to go dance free
In sun-drenched glens amid the sacred mists.

I walk in Galen; there is none but me
And my longing for woods, and hills, and sea.

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