Beverages for the Bereaved

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Mourners of Necrom need not drown their grief in greef, nor settle for sipping from subtle hipflasks of flin. The drinks described below, while more work, provide the perfect opportunity to show one's ancestors the necessary effort for remembrance while simultaneously dulling the ache of their passing.

* * *

This peppery posset will warm you from the inside and have you recounting the sweetest memories of the departed in no time. Outside Necrom, half the amount of metheglin with three parts water will substitute for sujamma in a pinch.

2 parts guar milk
1 part water
1 medium kwama egg
6 parts sujamma
1 spoon Anise
3 spoons sliced ginger
1 spoon cardamom

1/2 spoon fennel seed
1 fire petal
1 pinch void salt

Whisk together guar milk and kwama egg. Thin with water and heat until boiling. Reduce to simmer and add remaining ingredients. Steep until fragrant. Strain spices and serve steaming hot, or let cool and serve with a spoon.

* * *

This invigorating concoction is best served cold. If made without ice, add a spoon of water to account for necessary dilution.

2 parts flin
1 small kwama egg white
1 spoon marshmerrow liqueur
1 spoon lotus syrup
1 spoon bervez juice

Combine ingredients in shaker with ice or chilling stones. Shake until frothy, then strain and discard ice/stones and continue shaking until liquid is mostly froth. Garnish with preserved comberry. For additional flair, serve in a glass rimmed with moon-sugar.

* * *

Though the final effect will feel similar, no actual muckspunge is used in this recipe! This drink may be deeply unpleasant to some, but most mourners find it to be a welcome shock to their system.

1 part guar milk
1 part greef
1 part lemon juice

Mix greef and lemon juice together but keep separate from guar milk.

To consume: take a sip of guar milk, nearly filling your mouth but DO NOT SWALLOW. Tilt your head back and add the greef and lemon juice mixture until your mouth is full. Close your mouth, then throw your head back and forth until mixture curdles and solidifies. You'll know you did it right if the sensation evokes trying to force a lumpy gob of muckspunge down your gullet.

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