Recommended Methods of Moon Sugar Cultivation

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Encourage mudcrab cultivation methods. Mudcrabs seem to have a natural affinity for moon sugar grasses. While it may seem at first that mudcrabs are harming the newly sprouted moon sugar grasses by clipping the base of their stalks, this actually encourages growth and resilience. Any browning or what would normally look to be a deceased plant is really a thriving moon-sugar grass sprout that will one day be vastly productive.

Moon sugar grasses that continue to grow in the vertical direction and emanate vibrant colors after the mudcrab treatment should be drowned in molten lava. While this may seem like it kills the plant immediately, it is actually creating an environment that encourages the effected moon sugar grass to thrive after an extended period of time. Repeat this process until numerous moon sugar grasses begin sprouting from the piles of cooled, hardened lava. Using these methods in conjunction with recommended fertilization techniques will ensure thriving and productive moon sugar grass crop. Keep in mind this process is quite time consuming and will need to be consistently repeated before truly obtaining the desired product.

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