A History of Mor Khazgur

Author: Carena Esmery
Released In:

By Carena Esmery, Chronicler

The Orcs of Mor Khazgur are a particularly prickly bunch, even for Orcs. It wasn’t easy to compile this information. I wouldn’t have been able to do so at all were it not for a few patient miners who dealt with my constant questions with only slight annoyance and threat to my physical being.

After leaving Wrothgar, the founding Orcs of the Mor Khazgur clan found a prosperous, rich mine and decided to settle there. In the early days, the mine was self-sustaining. The place overflowed with resources and the Orcs settled into a rhythm. They built their settlement around the mine and flourished. The current mine Overseer, Overseer Thulsgreg, comes from a long line of leadership. His grandfather and father were the chiefs of the clan before him. They led the clan during a sort of golden age of the mine, when the mines themselves flourished. The clan saw a good deal of success and comfortable living even separated from Orsinium.

It was always assumed that Thulsgreg would inherit the mine from his father. Which is strange, considering he married beforehand. This clan isn’t strictly traditional, but even still, that came as quite a shock to me. Unfortunately for him, as his father began to prepare to pass down the title, the Mor Khazgur mines dried up. Not completely, mind you, but the decline was quick and noticeable. The once prospering clan was suddenly confronted with the very real possibility of dying out. The mine would dry up, and they would have nothing left.

Thankfully, a new chief stepped up. A strong, young Orc named Urzikh challenged Thulsgreg for the title. She won, and immediately instated new mining practices to bring the clan back to its former glory.

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