Khunzar-ri and the Lost Alfiq

Author: Aneshi (transcriber)
Released In:

Transcribed by Aneshi, Keeper of Legends for the 16 Kingdoms

One day, when the sun was at its highest, Khunzar-ri heard a weak voice just off the road.

"Why did I ever leave home?"" the voice said.

"Why would you stay home?" Khunzar-ri asked in return, starting toward the voice.

"Oh! I'm found!"

And indeed the little Alfiq was found. Khunzar-ri examined the quivering handful, seeing burrs, bits of twig, and more stuck in her matted fur. "You have traveled far?"

"Yes. I wanted to see the world before I was sent to the temple."

"This I can respect, little one. But why do you lament leaving your home?"

"Well, because I'm lost and hungry."

"Ah, the hunger we can fix right away."" And Khunzar-ri set some scrumptious fish cakes down in front of the young Alfiq. "As for being lost, consider this. Are you not exactly where you need to be right now?"

Between bites, she said, "I don't think so. Wouldn't I know where I was if this is where I need to be?"

"Not necessarily, my friend. Lost can be a point of view you adopt when fear or confusion overtakes you. If you instead think about how you wanted to see the world... well, here you are seeing it."

"Are you saying that I'm lost only because I think I'm lost? But because I'm doing what I wanted to do, I'm not lost?"

"Only if you say so and mean it!"

"Then I'm not lost!"

Khunzar-ri chuckled. "Good, my not-lost friend. Would you care to join me on my travels for a time? I, too, would love to see the world right now."

And so the young Alfiq joined Khunzar-ri, and the two enjoyed many adventures together.

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