Beast Acquisitions Log

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

New Aquisitions:

Jackal, Male:

Lean muscle, but well-groomed pelt. Probably keep the meat for stew. Hide and skull should sell for twenty gold, or so.

Senche Panther, Male:

Steady beast. Well-fed. Pelt only scarred at the left hind-ankle. From a snare, maybe? No major decrease in pelt value. Probably sell the whole beast to that High Elf back in Rimmen. Those long-legged dandies never know how to do anything useful with an animal like this. Pathetic. Probably two-hundred gold take. Not bad.

Senche Lion, Female:

Stout frame and wiry meat, but no shortage of fat. Probably use it to render some tallow for woodworkers. Could use some new bows and the like. Skin itself will sell well. Hundred gold, maybe. Would make a fine rug. Keep it, maybe?

Senche Lion, Male (White!):

Set for a year or more on this one. Have an Orc buyer with gold in hand, ready to take the whole animal back to Orsinium. Few scars to speak of. Scale is just massive. two-thousand gold, easy. Make sure this one stays well-fed, but don’t spare the gag-chain if needed.

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