Druid Fables: Butterfly and Faun Lord

Released In:
Author (in-game): Archdruid Ilyes

As told by Archdruid Ilyes.

Once there was a great Faun Lord who ruled over a mighty forest. He was the largest and strongest of the Fauns and none dared to challenge him. He boasted about his incredible power to anyone who would listen. The rabbits were afraid of him. The foxes kept to the shadows when he stomped through their meadows. Even the birds cleared the trees when they saw him approach.

One day, Faun Lord gathered all the animals at the cliff beneath the tall and misty mountain. His voice boomed over the crowd.

“I am the strongest creature in this forest,” Faun Lord proclaimed proudly, “There is no one that can best me.”

All the animals nodded in agreement.

“I will always rule over this forest,” Faun Lord continued.

Another voice interrupted, “I’m powerful, too!”

Faun Lord turned to find a small butterfly floating nearby. Butterfly flapped her wings insistently.n

Faun Lord scoffed and waved Butterfly away.

“You are the least powerful thing in this forest. Begone,” he said.

“That’s not true!” Butterfly insisted, “I could defeat you right now!”

Some of the animals laughed. Others were shocked by the audacity. Faun Lord snarled. He dug his hooves into the ground and turned toward Butterfly.

“Go ahead and try! I will crush you!” he yelled.

The others watched on in terror as Butterfly flew close to Faun Lord. Faun Lord attempted to grab her, but Butterfly was too quick. She pulsed her wings and flew ever closer to the cliff’s edge. Faun Lord chased her, his hands swiping left and right to try to snatch her from the air.n

Butterfly barely avoided his claws each time. She swirled gracefully through the breeze and spun Faun Lord all the way around. He growled in frustration.

“This is not defeating me,” he said, “This is merely annoying me! You cannot keep this up forever! Face me, bug!”

So Butterfly flew close landed on Faun Lord’s nose.

Faun Lord blinked in surprise. The turn of events startled him so much, he had no time to react. He inhaled a breath and then sneezed a mighty sneeze—the force of which was so strong, it blew him right over the edge of the cliff!

Butterfly fluttered safely away as Faun Lord disappeared over the edge of the cliff. The animals cheered.

Nature is never predictable. Even the smallest creature can fell a giant. Tiny sparks can create wildfires. Nothing in Y’ffre’s domain should ever be underestimated, and those that are strong must never be arrogant.

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