The Silver-Tongued Quill

Author: Master Laisif
Released In:

Missive of Thieves Guild Master Laisif

Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir


We have to cancel the plan. That skeeving mage has done us real dirty. You would think our previous threats would be enough, but there we go. Next I see him, I'll make sure to acquaint him with the sharp end of my axe. For now, just know that the quill's useless, at least for our needs. Our troubles with the darn thing are twofold. First, the mage never told us that whoever used the quill would also believe what they wrote! Which hey, perhaps we could work around, if we had any control with what was written. It's a tricky enchantment, whatever it is. Had to tie down the last two fools who attempted to write with it. The quill convinced one to jump off a tall roof, and the other to—well, let's just say it's getting creative. Rather not repeat it.

I'd say we should throw the cursed thing in a river, but it could prove to be worth something to someone. I'll try to get a client stupid enough to buy such a thing. There's always collectors for this stuff, you just got to know where to look.

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