A Star-Gazer’s Ramblings

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

The tomb of the ancient warrior! At last! At last! The true gods are not silent. The true gods sing to us, if only we have ears to hear it.

I had thought my study to be purely academic. Supercilious fool. The belief that knowledge follows knowledge in a dour procession like a corpse held aloft—it was killing me. I said, "Death is inevitable, and living is indistinguishable from dying." How wrong I was.

How is it I have looked at the stars so many times and seen only light? Oh ecstasy, it is too much for me to bear!

We do not master the truth. The truth masters us. In the end, in my final hour, I have learned to serve.

The end of knowledge is not knowing, but worship. Oh great Warrior, I lay my body at your feet.

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