Tindoria’s List of Needed Supplies

Released In:
Author (in-game): Tindoria

Rare Dye: Haemelin’s rare dye is the only thing that can produce the most gorgeous shade of teal in Summerset, but she will not part with it easily. You can find the bitter hermit at her cottage at the marked location. Trade her the Yokudan Blue Tea for the dye.

Roach Carcass: The carcass of Brodran’s roaches produce a silvery gray when ground up. This shade is absolutely delightful for rocky landscapes. Find Brodran at his farm at the marked location. He’ll already have his payment in full, and should simply hand you the ingredients when you announce my name.

Aurialis: This flower is located within a quaint seaside garden at the marked location. It can be used to make a most brilliant shade of orange, perfect for a glowing sun! This should be the simplest acquisition, given that you only need to pluck the plant from the ground.

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