Heart of Zandadunoz

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

In the dark days after the fall of the first Orsinium, the vicious titan Zandadunoz the Ravager terrorized southern Wrothgar. Desperate Orcs went so far as to form a cult devoted to the service and worship of Zandadunoz.

As Zandadunoz’s followers gathered to perform heretical acts in the titan’s name, another group of warriors banded together to slay the titan. Thruz gro-Fharun led the Band of Fifty, who dedicated themselves to making southern Wrothgar secure.

After weeks of endless battle, Thruz’s band defeated the cult, but at a great cost. With only twelve warriors remaining, Thruz attacked Zandadunoz in the shadow of Honor’s Rest. He defined the notion of the Orc hero by ripping the titan’s black and fiery heart from its chest, even as its flames consumed him. The heart transformed into a phylactery, supposedly capable of recalling the titan from Oblivion to once again threaten the Orsimer.

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