Sigil of the Dragon Analysis

Released In:

I’ve heard from the others the challenges you faced in constructing a riddle that met the Dragon’s standards. Kudos to you, adventurer! I can assure you your efforts are resulting in tidal shifts in the magical forces across Tamriel. The imbuement of the Dragon’s power has allowed me to find several new Signature Scripts during my wanderings of the Scholarium’s back halls.

Meanwhile, my contacts in the Mages Guild have noted Signature Scripts appearing in caches rewarded for defeating infamous powerful monsters across the land, as well as for participating in the Three Banners War in Cyrodiil. Even our oafish cohorts in the Fighters Guild apparently have seen signature scripts appear in their rewards, though how they can make heads or tails of something so masterful in mystic design is beyond me.

Finally, I should alert you that Archmagister Vanus Galerion himself has taken notice of your efforts. He has subsidized a number of scripts in various styles to be made available for research purposes in guildhalls across the continent. Please see the handbill that’s been passed around to our adepts for details.

Most felicitous! Keep up the good work!

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