Guide: Advancing in a Craft

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

While apprentices of a craft may have the skill to create simple arms and armor, they are rarely satisfied with that modicum of skill. Many desire to become more skilled in their craft, perhaps one day achieving the honor of being called a master craftsman.

This book is dedicated to those aspiring crafters, and is itself dedicated to teaching them how to ascend in their own crafts. While each craft may work with different materials, the methods of advancement herein do not differ between crafts.

Learning New Recipes

While this book does not cover the intricacies of learning a new recipe, it must be noted that no craftsman can advance without learning new recipes. No matter how inspired the craftsman is, if he does not know enough recipes to showcase that inspiration and technique, it does nothing to push the crafter towards advancement.

Each rank of crafting skill requires that an aspiring crafter master some number of new recipes, extending his or her knowledge of the craft. This number of recipes needed varies from rank to rank, but as long as the aspiring crafter continues to master new recipes, he will eventually know enough to ask a crafting master to test them.

Tested by a Master

Once a crafter has learned enough recipes to qualify for their next rank, they must speak to the local crafting master. Only they can officially declare a crafter to be anything more than a novice, and open doors of learning and knowledge for their charges.

When so approached by an eager crafter seeking further knowledge, a master will set a task before the crafter. The traditional test is to craft a ring, or other such item, that shows all the techniques and skills that the crafter has learned in his time at his current rank. The master will then pronounce the item satisfactory, and acknowledge the crafter by his new, greater title.

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